These are the various machineries Armor Plast use to manufacture superior        products:

Injection Moulding Machines

High-end Injection Molding Machines ranging from 56T to 125T are available. These consist of brands like Cincinnati, Electronica and Haitian

The machines also include Dew Point Desiccant Dryers and Oil / Water Temperature Controllers. 

Blow Moulding Machines

For blow moulding, the Central Double Station and Ahura Double Station are used, having capacities from 200 ml to 1 Ltr.

Printing Machines
Machines like,
  • Tampo Print Single Colour Rotary Table Machine
  • Print Link 3 Colour Shuttle Machine
  • Print Link 2 Colour Rotary Table Machine
Packaging Machines

Vacuum Thermoformed PETG / HIPS Trays are used for packaging medical products.

Assembly Machines

Loctite UV Dispensing and Gluing equipments are used for the Assembly of Critical components.

Inspection Equipment
Machines like,
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector PJ-A3000
  • Zeiss CMM Measuring Machine
  • Particle Counter
  • Standard Gauge and Calipers are used to inspect the products.